New ELG training

We were promised to feel confident and reassured about everything, and am I?

Oh no!

This was a good course in many ways, but how can I be reassured when the are talking theory at us without backing any of it with exemples! What is the point of doing such a case when the assessement tools are not yet published, when we cannot actually see in practice how this more instinctive ways of assessing is going to look like, and how heads who love clear measurable progress will cope with such a wishy washy system?

I completely agree that teachers need to be freed from all this recording that takes us away from engaging actively and proactively with the children, but surely that guidance could have existed with the previous system…

The whole ‘only seventeen points instead of 117’ is null in my mind when I know that I will have to probably work with 4x 17! (my ability range will include children working at a two years old level, I already know that!!!!), that’s 68 points, most of them covering a whole range of learning goals in their own right!!!!

Well, I am willing, i am willing to see who it will work out, and how long it will take for someone in the power that be to want more consistent and comparable proof of children’s ability.


I am willing, I am able, let’s see how the journey will pan out!


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