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This is what I have been with this blog… Here I wanted to record my thoughts and experience, but predictably, was swept away with the madness that is teaching, being a full-time working mother, and being the mad dedicated person that I am!

So, jumping the gun because there is no other option now, how do I feel now?

I feel like it would have been so good to have a proper hand-over. But as the end of years are crazy, and the wonderful teacher that I am covering for was not the happiest about leaving her beloved class to someone else, it never took place. This means that I  had to learn as I go, and my is there a lot to take in in starting off in a new school! All the systems, the timings, the expectations… throw in some national assessment and planning changes, and woohoo, off I go on my roller coaster ride!

I have two lovely classroom assistant, one being a teacher in training… wonderful support! But it has been tricky as I should have been much more aware of her expertise, and how much she could teach me and show me of how the class run last year… Instead, it took me 6 weeks to understand fully the behaviour policy, the busy bees system, the snack times… I feel like such a failure for not asking my questions to her, as no one else could have been better placed to help me out with this! Silly me!

On the plus side, a lot of the things that I have put into place are being, so far, very successful. The science table is growing, (with more orders to arrive), the reading session after lunch is proving very successful, though I need to watch out for some of the children who find it un-interesting, and to rotate the books for interest. In general, the behaviour is improving, the children with SEN are doing well…

What still needs to be worked out?

I still hate how we seem to be clearing the tables all the time, and how it putting things back on is not happening, and not the invitational way it should be.

Maths is being over looked

PE is being overlooked

I have the most role play/ getting dressed up class I have ever encountered, and apart from a few, are mainly un-interested in table top based activities.. I amnot yet sure how to tackle that

One of my boys seems to think that the only way to make friends is to be a clown, and helping friendship is something that I find so difficult as it should be such a personal matter…

balancing teaching, covering the curriculum, engaging the children in play, controlling behaviour, fitting all that within the rigid structure of the day… challenge indeed! A huge part of me knows that engaging the children in play is the key. I have ideas, but getting them into place will be interesting!

Right, that is all I can cope with, ciao for now, I hope to be better with posting my experiences from now on… hmmmm



coughs, sore throats and tummy bugs… the joy of returning to teaching

Here we are, it only took week 4 to get laryngitis and week 6 to get the massive tummy bug that is affecting half of my class…

I thought that with having two kids of my own, my immune system would be stronger than that, but I forgot to factor in the extreme tiredness brought on by working crazy hours, in school and at home, and the waking up in the middle of the night to plan/ make resources or think up clever ways to sort my storage conundrums… oh well!

New ELG training

We were promised to feel confident and reassured about everything, and am I?

Oh no!

This was a good course in many ways, but how can I be reassured when the are talking theory at us without backing any of it with exemples! What is the point of doing such a case when the assessement tools are not yet published, when we cannot actually see in practice how this more instinctive ways of assessing is going to look like, and how heads who love clear measurable progress will cope with such a wishy washy system?

I completely agree that teachers need to be freed from all this recording that takes us away from engaging actively and proactively with the children, but surely that guidance could have existed with the previous system…

The whole ‘only seventeen points instead of 117’ is null in my mind when I know that I will have to probably work with 4x 17! (my ability range will include children working at a two years old level, I already know that!!!!), that’s 68 points, most of them covering a whole range of learning goals in their own right!!!!

Well, I am willing, i am willing to see who it will work out, and how long it will take for someone in the power that be to want more consistent and comparable proof of children’s ability.


I am willing, I am able, let’s see how the journey will pan out!