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Oh dear,

And here I thought I would have time to upload all my early days experience, but have been so terribly shattered, and busy… and there is just no time nor energy.

I shall try to get going again, as I really want to remember my thoughts and my journey through this!


Interesting day…

that stated with going into school to clean the sinks and art resources…

Then off to gymnastics club with my kids.

Then off to take the recycling…

Then off to the park to eat lunch,

go to the station to meet our Au Pair young lady,

Home for melon and water as this grey day as turned into a sweltering heat wave!

Off to the sorting post office to pick a parcel (my desk tidies, yip yip!)

On the way, show M. our au pair, the way to the preschool and school.

Home for treats (bought as a charitable move at the post office: my kids are so savvy to this!)

and then back to normal cooking, eating, cleaning…

Finally sitting down for something for myself, and wondering how tomorrow’s inset will go, and when on Earth will I find more time to finish sorting my classroom, especially as what is left needs to have others involved!!!!!

I wonder how long my current excitement will last,  I presume as long as tiredness doesn’t tip the precarious balance to its favour!
Good ”back to school” to all!