Outside, get in there!

And here it is, the outside is clean and sorted… still some tweaking as to furniture arrangement, but I will be better equipped to make this kind of decision when I see how the children move and use the space. At least, the backbone is ready for the experiment.

I decided to place what I did to have the water tray near the drain, and not needed to be sheltered under the roof.

The sand pit rules are displayed on the back of the shed, so I let the sand pit there, though I will  need to get a cover for it, no way will I let the sand get as mucky as I found it two weeks ago! Yuk!!!

The table is sheltered all day long from rain and sunshine where is it, and it also mean that if the adult supervising sits with their backs to the wall, they can look over the whole outside classroom.

The boxes unit might have to move, and I would prefer to have the plastic easel outside from under the shelter, but I will need to drill holes in the trays to let the rain water out (big fault in the design if you ask me!

to the left...To the right

And here is the shed, I won’t make you guess the state it was in when I got in, but then, I can’t show you either, I was too keen to tackle it to pause to take a photo 😉

shake it up shake it it's alright!!!

Soooo glad this is done!

Still on the list:

finish daily and maths displays, clean and organise kitchen, finish cleaning art supplies (currently left to soak over the weekend)… I am sure there was something else, but my mind just went blank!


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