slow, but getting there

And it is nice that the other teachers are now around too!

Today has been my first day in without my children in tow, and my is it easier to get things done.

Achieved today: lots of laminating of display resources, all boards backed and ready to go, some even have their resources! more cleaning of walls and surfaces, and more to come! finally cleared the tables (par one) and the classroom finally looks a little bit more like a classroom.

Still to do? finish the pending displays, sort the outdoors and the shed, move around furniture to free a space for the filling cabinet our wonderful caretaker has earmarked for me!!! Have I mentioned how wonderful our caretaker is yet? Yes I have, and I am sure I shall again! What a gem!

Anyhow, here are the updated photos of the classroom as currently is!

This might change due to homing my filing cabinet…

DT table: oh I like this area! I just might add a backing behind the table to freshen up, but now that the wall is clean, it is not too bad… shall see what time allows!

Writing table: work in progress: backing to be realigned, more postcards to add, and labels on table ready to put up when postcards are there too. More desk tidy to be added too.They first have to be re-decorated… more jobs!!!

Construction corner

Maths corner: number line still to display as well as interactive one on window, therefore, window to clean too! Still, it is looking much better since I brought in these small drawers to the side. I just need to buy one more, then 3 more to replace the ones I took from home!


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