Class plan

Here is the update class plan/ map as I progress. The idea is to create specific areas for learning, with everything labelled so that the children can be independent learners.

There is obviously a reading corner and a home/roleplay corner, construction corner, Maths and Literacy resources hubs, but I also wanted a distinctive science area, D&T/ junk modelling table, writing table, an ICT table, preferably within the library, but I am still to solve that as I am still to see if moving the cupboards/ resource boxes all in a row by the entrance is feasible (it is bank holiday Monday today). Other suggestions warmly welcomed!

This is the class plan as it is, and I still need to find a good home for my ICT table…

This is what I will try out on Tuesday!

I cannot wait to get back in there and start up on the final touches!!!

Any suggestions and comments very welcomed!


One response to “Class plan”

  1. lise8 says :

    Did manage to move everything as planned, and it looks good! Though the library is looking bear and the ICT table too as my personal laptop hasn’t been ‘electrical safety’ checked, so cannot be used by the children!!! How frustrating is that!
    I shall have to bring my children’s toy laptops in the intermediate, as they are battery powered!

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